OVOO – animation

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How to communicate advanced technological solutions in telco industry?

See what solution was used to effectively explain to people from outside the industry, highly specialized technologies and convince them that it is the best choice for their business.

OVOO is a software house specializing in TELCO and DevOps. For many years they have been cooperating with the largest telecommunications operators, not only in Poland, successively acquiring more and more clients from abroad. At the same time, it implements its activities in other areas, such as FinTech, GovTech, banking and medicine.


OVOO solutions are state-of-the-art and extremely advanced. The OVOO management board is made up of world-class developers who follow and implement all technological innovations. Thanks to this, they develop and modernize their own projects, which are often incomprehensible for engineers from outside the telecommunications industry and sometimes they are not aware of the usefulness of these solutions.

And what about persuading high-level managers to buy them ?! IDH Agency’s job was to find the most effective way to explain to potential customers why OVOO solutions are essential for them.


In recent years, the fashion for animated explainer videos used in highly specialized and technological industries has reached Europe straight from the United States.

It is a state-of-the-art medium with a number of advantages:

  • It is relatively quick to produce.
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of producing clips with actors.
  • The style of the film can be easily selected exactly for the client.

However, the most important advantage of animated explainer videos is the fact that a 1 or 2-minute movie can explain more than a two-hour presentation. So we considered this solution to be the best possible choice.


A producer with many years of experience in this type of production was involved in the production of the clip.

We proceeded according to the classic waterfall, dividing the work into individual stages, moving to the next one only after accepting the previous one.

From the very beginning of our cooperation, we agreed with the client that the best results are achieved by trust in the production team that has been operating in the industry for nearly 40 years. Artists work best without restraining their hands, which the client easily accepted. The success of this project was almost guaranteed with such openness and customer trust.



The result of the cooperation was a clip that was watched several thousand times on various channels in just 48 hours. This is not often the case with 2-minute software-house clips. However, for IDH, the most important thing was the subjective observation of the presentation in front of new, potential OVOO customers.

It was there that this film was supposed to overcome the barrier of understanding their products and the fact that they are absolutely necessary in every large corporation today. The first reviews were unambiguously enthusiastic, and Grzegorz Sikora – GM of Business Development at OVOO publicly admitted that “he is glad that OVOO has come under our wings.